Creating an NFS share.

Tech Notes If you're happy to ignore security concerns the quick way to set up an NFS server on your network is as follows. 1. Add an exports file. This one allows all computers on my local network full access to the transit directory. The `insecure` option is required for Macintoshes to connect.

rossetti@Wakatipu:~$ sudo mkdir /media/backup/transit/
rossetti@Wakatipu:~$ sudo chmod 777 /media/backup/transit/
rossetti@Wakatipu:~$ cat /etc/exports 

2. Install and start the server. On Debian you can

rossetti@Wakatipu:~$ sudo aptitude install nfs-user-server

3. Connect from a Macintosh Go > Connect to Server nfs://wakatipu.local/media/backup/transit Connect from Knoppix Live CD

knoppix@Knoppix:~$ sudo mkdir /media/transit
knoppix@Knoppix:~$ sudo mount -o nolock /media/transit