DrupalCon Front end track

Tech Notes

Does the Drupal community understand user metrics? A/B split testing? Multivariate testing? Goal tracking, conversions? I'm not so sure. But prove me wrong! Put in a session proposal to the DrupalCon Sydney 2013 Front end track and we'll all learn something. Session proposals close tomorrow (26 October 2012)! Getting it right so far as the user is concerned. Putting buttons in the right place. Speaking so they can understand. Removing barriers. All of these add up to conversions. I think because the Drupal space has classically been government, NGO and education, and that the community is one of developers, that user conversion has slipped by the way side. But these three sectors *do* have key performance indicators (KPI's) and they *do* want return on investment (ROI). And as Drupal moves into media, commerce and big business *getting it right* quickly turns into dollar value. So please, lets get it on the radar, put in your sessions. http://sydney2013.drupal.org/program/submit-session