Migration tips - Wordpress to Drupal.

Tech Notes

Ok - so I've used the module – and read about all the ways to do this without the module. My answer is a hybrid. Here are some things I had to do. Write a custom image import script Why this didn't happen during import I'm not clear. My script preserves post_parent, title, date modified and menu_order (weight). Set the input format to Filtered (instead of Wordpress) UPDATE node_revisions SET format=1; Replace line breaks with break tags UPDATE node_revisions SET body=REPLACE(body,'\r\n','<br />'); UPDATE node_revisions SET teaser=REPLACE(teaser,'\r\n','<br />'); Things left to do: Port my cross-references (from one of our plugins) to CCK node references. Move custom files describing resources to CCK node references of `reference` type.