Search API Views and Panels paths redux

Tech Notes

Carrying on with the Panels, Views, Search and Facets theme I had to revisit this recently.

This time the issue is again Facets on a non-search Panel.

  1. I can get Facets working well in Panels.
  2. I can get Facets displaying in a non-search Panel using Views/Panels Context.
  3. I couldn't get the path for the Facets to point to anything other than 1) the current (non-search) Panel or 2) the SearchAPI View page. Neither of these are correct (it needs to be the Views enabled Panel).


  1. Views (SearchAPI) at 'query'.
  2. Panels page (with View and Facets) at 'search'.
  3. Non search Panels page (with Views Context and Facets) at 'node/1000'.

Everything works well except the paths that FacetAPI generates are pointing to node/1000 or (with the patch from here) to 'query' (the original View page). The patch sets search_api_base_path.

Looking for options I discovered the Views settings for Panels which allows Panels to override the URL of the View.
View > Displays > Content pane
Pane settings > Allow settings > Path override


[[{"fid":"514","view_mode":"gallery","type":"media","attributes":{"height":625,"width":1020,"class":"media-element file-gallery"}}]]

And in Panels 
Panel > Settings > Override path

[[{"fid":"515","view_mode":"gallery","type":"media","attributes":{"height":1099,"width":1020,"class":"media-element file-gallery"}}]]


This looked promising but didn't work (no change). Looking through the code I couldn't see anywhere that linked up Path override with base_path. I've created a patch that achieves that, passing the overridden path all the way through to the Facet generation.