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Hyperplex by Zina Kaye

Hyperplex by Zina Kaye is an intervention within a sophisticated LED system that disrupted the media saturated environment of Westfield Bondi Junction shopping centre with a series of obscure, but subversive conversations. Shoppers and flanneurs were able to peek into the lives of several people who corresponded via the LCD system. Three pairs of characters: an eloquent couple who have moved from lovers to best friends; an eccentric brother and sister who correspond through coded exchange; and two teenagers tossed about by their desires, 'spoke' to each other in a mix of colloquialisms, aphorisms, sayings and mixed metaphors. The conversations dealt, in part with the proliferation of the language of fear. These tensions were subtley translated within Kaye's script from different generational perspectives. Viewers eavesdropped on part of a conversation and could contemplate the familiar yet fragmented nature of interpersonal communication.